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Boat Checklist


We have added this excel spreadsheet (Checklist) for those of you who may be thinking about buying a boat. It has 70+ items that we would recommend that you check prior to having a survey carried out. It is not a definitive list but it will give you something to work from. There are some items that may not be related to your boat so dont worry if they are not just work through the list putting any comments or or photo numbers against the item if you want to check them out later or get further advice.  

Simply click on the XLS button and the file will be saved to your downloads file.  

We hope this is of use to you and will save you time and money. If it has you can always buy us a beer by clicking the red button! 

Volvo Penta parts list alternative suppliers.

We have compiled a list of alternative parts suppliers including the part numbers and links to the places you can buy them. These parts are either original manufactures parts or the same part with a different label or packing. They are not cheap pattern parts! The suppliers are businesses that we have used over the years and have had no issues with. Before you order any part you should always check the part number and satisfy yourself that this is the right part for you. 

Many of these are interchangeable across a number of engines so the part may not just fit one engine.  If you save yourself a few £, $, €, then we are happy! But remember to credit us, like share and reference our videos and you could always buy us a beer! 

Finally, we ask that if you find a cheaper supplier and your happy with the quality than you add the details to the spreadsheet and send it  to us so that we can upload it here for everyone's benefit. Send it to:  

Engine Checklist

We have compiled a Pre-start checklist which is free to download. 

This is a PDF file which is safe to download using the link. 

We provide this information free because we want to pass on knowledge and believe others will benefit.  


All we ask is that you credit us if you use or share the information.  

Sail Safe Guys, Ant, Cid & the pooch crew.  

Lithium List 

Here is the ist of parts we used to upgrade our solar and lithium this autumn. Prices were correct at the time of loading and may vary due to the exchange rate.  

Power calculator.

This sheet is designed to help you assess the total power you may use in any 12 hour period. 

Power upgrade lıst.

Thıs ıs a lıst of the power upgrades we made ın November 2021. Thıs does not ınclude the Vıctron Multıplus Fıtted ın March 2022 I may be helpfull to someone.

Wırıng scheamatıc 

Thıs ıs the wırıng set out that we used to durıng the Lıthıum upgrade. It may be of use to someone. 

Engine service record sheet ​

A simple service sheet to help you keep track of the engine works 

LOG BOOK SHEET (blank) You can add to this sheet or customise it to your boat or needs. 

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