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Recommendations of kit shown in videos 

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Hi guys.

You know us, we do not make recommendations for things or feature them in our videos unless we truly have given them a test or use them every day.

On this page you can find links to items that we have on board or have featured in one of our videos. 

We do not just stick "Stuff" on this page it has to earn a position. That is so you can take advantage of us testing something and using it, having confidence it is not just a gimmick!

Use the links below to take you to an Amazon page where the items are sold.

You will not pay any commission or extra using these links. 

We get a little commission from Amazon and you get the exact same product we recommend  at a great price.

Just press the red red button and your away!

Safety equipment 

Carbon Monoxide Alarm

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This  Alarm has a very long battery life. It has the following functions and is a must have for anyone living aboard a boat. If you have a Diesel heater, Gas stove, Oven or Generator then this will alert you to the deadly gas that kills without warning!

  • Automatic self diagnostic check

  • Loud 85 dB alarm at 1 m

  • Large multi-function digital screen and room thermometer

  • Temperature facility designed to provide a room temperature indication only (nominally +/– 2 Degree Celsius)

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​A great product that has stood the test of time on Impavidus. 


  • The perfect alarm will fit on to the existing baseplate of other alarms , or can be installed easily using the supplied base and 2 screws

  • With optical sensing technology smoke is rapidly detected as it enters the alarm chamber, for a quick reaction to slow burning fires

  • The alarm comes with a sealed, tamper proof battery that will last the lifetime of the alarm. It is recommended that smoke alarms are replaced every 10 years

  • Featuring a quiet test function which means you're less likely to wake up loved ones or disturb the neighbours when testing your alarms

  • Give yourself vital time to replace your alarm by silencing low battery warnings for 8 hours using the sleep easy feature

  • Suitable for homes in England and Wales. Not suitable for Scottish homes under the new regulations

  • FireAngel alarms are rigorously tested to ensure unrivalled quality and longevity and come with a 5 year manufacturer's warranty for peace of mind. 


​Another great product that has stood the test of time on Impavidus. It has taken some hard knocks and been through a few stormy seas to become something we recommend. 

  • RORC and ISAF compliant

  • Telescopic

  • Replaceable LED light

  • 5m floating line included

  • Durable, inflatable float

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Screenshot 2023-02-01 at 16.23.02.png

Fold flat D Rings Folding Pad Eyes​.

Set of 4 

This set of 4 fold flat pad eyes are great to fit to your boat. They can be used for tie downs or jackstay's. Folding flat when not in use these prevent that toe stubbing and knee scraping that U bolts give when moving about the boat.


  • Stainless Steel: Folding pad eye is made of stainless steel, with high hardness, not easy to rust, not easy to corrode.

  • Careful Polishing: The appearance brightness is increased, the gloss is naturally presented, without scratches, and the edges are carefully polished and glossy to the touch.

  • Four Sets: Folding pad eye marine adopts four sets, multiple can be replaced, which is convenient and quick to use and has stable performance.

  • Perfect Replacement: Replace broken, damaged, cracked, or unusable folding pad eye, a perfect replacement accessory.

  • Scope of Application: Small size, easy to carry and store, durable, long service life, suitable for seawater environment operation.

Electrical Tools Onboard

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We are always being asked "what is the best multimeter?"​. Well here it is!

Automatic with AC and DC clamp metering this can be set to hold the highest reading. A robust tool with voltage, resistance and Diode measuring this really is a fine piece of kit that is easy to use for experts and novices.  

It features 

  • Features of UT210 Series Mini Clamp Meters Certifications: CE, UKCA, cETLus

  • ● Ergonomic and lightweight ● Auto range, 2~3 times/s sampling rate ● LCD backlight, data hold ● Auto power off, low battery indication

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We get a lot of questions about this tool. Expensive but well worth the money and featured in two of our videos.

It will test batteries of the lead acid family including AGM, Wet Cells, 12, 24 volt just a great bit of kit to have. And it prints the results too. 

About this item

  • 1. 12V cranking lead acid battery test 2. 12/24V charging or cranking system test 3. Display battery capacity, voltage, resistance and life 4. Four-termina Kelvin test 5. 10 types of battery standards

  • 6. Language option (Chinese/English) 7. Test without battery disassembly 8. LED color indication for test result (UT673A) 9. Print on-line and real-time test reports (UT675A) 10. USB data transfer (UT675A)

  • CertificatesCE, FCC, RoHS 12V battery test7~16V DC√ 12V/24V cranking system test7~30V DC√ 12V/24V charging system test7~30V DC√ Battery typeOrdinary lead acid battery, AGM flat plate battery, AGM spiral battery, GEL battery, EFB battery

  • Battery capacity30Ah~200Ah√ Battery standard and rangeCCA: 40~2000; BCI: 40~2000; CA: 40~2000; MCA: 40~2000; JIS: 26A17~245H52; DIN: 40~1400; IEC: 40~1400; EN: 40~2000; SAE: 40~2000; AH: 3~250AH

  • Over voltage protection √ Reverse connection protection √ A prompt of poor contact √ Battery status display √ Battery life display √ Battery capacity display √ Battery internal resistance display √ USB communication √ Printing function √

  • PowerNone, powered by external source Display128*64 black and white lattice Product net weight413g Product size95mm x 47mm x 183mm

Screenshot 2023-02-01 at 17.00.15.png

Easy to set up and use, these auto strippers are hard to beat. They are able to cope with wires that are double insulated as well as standard insulation. No copper wire treads are lost in the smooth action. Featuring a sharp cable cutter and open crimping jaws they are a very useful tool that help you to do a professional job. 


  • Efficient wire stripper for quickly and easily removing the protective coating from electrical wires; ideal for DIYers and professional electricians.

  • Self Adjusting: With self-adjusting jaws, it is very suitable for copper and aluminium cables of 10-22 AWG (0.5-6MM2). Thumb wheel micro adjusting swivel knob to strip wire smaller than 22 AWG.

  • High Quality Material: Made of chromium vanadium steel with high hardness, sufficient and durable.

  • Ergonomic Handle: Plastic and cushioned grips can provide maximum leverage (PP&TPR), increase comfort and reduce hand fatigue making the grip Self Adjusting. Stripping tools are very suitable for large or small jobs.

  • Wide Application: Use it to strip, cut copper wires, aluminium wires, armoured core wires, electrical cables and insulated terminals electrical crimping.

Screenshot 2023-02-01 at 17.15.53.png

Ratchet crimping tools are the best way to connect cable and crimp. The professional way to crimp these are now in their 8th year as part of our kit and they still work as well as the day we got them. Ideal for Red, Blue and Yellow electrical compression crimps.

Screenshot 2023-02-01 at 17.33.31.png

Good quality electrical screwdrivers. Insulated with hardened tips. Not too expensive so you will not be upset when you loose the first one over the side. All housed in a handy plastic box that will store in the tool locker. There is also one of those small terminal drivers in the kit. 


About this item​.

  • ERGONOMIC easy to use comfort grip handles improve speed and control

  • Includes Philips drivers for the professional electrician

  • LONG LASTING HANDLES made from robust impact resistant plastic

  • Hardened tempered and chemically blacked chrome vanadium steel blades


Screenshot 2023-02-01 at 18.15.31.png

Top Tool! Really powerful wire cutters with a ratchet action. Ideal for those big battery cables when you fit new that new lithium you have been dreaming of.  Do not put anything in the jaws that you do not want cut! 


About this item​.

  • Germany designed ratcheting cable cutters for cutting copper and aluminum single conductors as well as multiple stranded cables (240mm² Max), clean and smooth cut without crushing and deformation. Perfect tool for those who need to cut large wires without the hassle

  • One-hand operation using ratchet principle, little hand force required due to very high transmission ratio, simple handling as a result of lightweight and compact body - can be used even in confined areas

  • Unique ratchet driving unit action holds cable tight and allows rapid - straight cuts with minimum effort. Hold-open spring design speeds cutting action

  • Made of high-grade special tool steel, forged, oil-hardened treated for durable use. Anti-slip rubber hand guard offers secure grip

  • Note: Not for cutting steel wires and ropes. Do not use to cut live wires. Features quick-release lever opens blade at anytime during operation

Screenshot 2023-02-01 at 18.34.43.png

Two for one deal! 

We were looking for these on the web when we came across this deal. How long it will last we dont know. 

I have had a pair of these for a long while. cutting flush they are excellent for small cables, solder joints and even cable ties. Strong and able to cut line and rope keep a set in the cockpit table.  


About this item

  • ❤【Sharp cutting】 Wire cutters electrical pliers are made of high-carbon steel, with sharp jaws, strong and wear-resistant, and can easily cut soft metal wires below 1.6mm and metal wires below 0.8mm.

  • ❤【Anti-slip handle】 The handles of the wire snips are covered with high-quality PVC, insulated handles, non-slip and wear-resistant, comfortable to hold, easy to operate, flush side cutters provide an efficient cutting experience.

  • ❤【Wide range of uses】 Cable tie cutter are usually used for electronic repairs, jewelry processing, model making, cutting process lines, etc. Whether in the office or at home, this small electrical wire cutters will provide you with great convenience.

  • ❤【First choice for gifts】 The size of this snips electrical is about 13*5cm, weight is 50g, small and exquisite, exquisite workmanship, it is the best gift for family, friends and colleagues who like handmade and DIY model making.

  • ❤【About after-sales】 We continue to test and improve our products, hoping to provide you with the best quality products and services at the most favorable price. If you are not satisfied with the cutting pliers, please send the goods back within 30 days, we will refund the full amount or replace it for free.

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These crimping tools are good value.  Crimping lugs from 4²mm to 70²mm Or 12 -2 /0 AWG

Easy to use with quick change jaws these crimpers come in a handy box for storing with you other electrical tools. 

About this item

  • DURABLE AND SAFE: The Youyijia 10tons hydraulic device is made of durable metal iron with high strength and good toughness. When the pressure reaches a high level, it can provide stable crimping with low resistance and high efficiency. 8 pairs of dies are made of hardened steel with a chrome finish.

  • C-TYPE HEAD: The shape of the hydraulic crimper tool is designed as a C-type crimping tool head. The C-type head makes it easier and more convenient for you to change the mold.

  • SWITCH CONTROL: The electric hydraulic crimping tool is equipped with switch control. This safety device allows you to operate with peace of mind and allows you to easily and conveniently crimp wires and connectors.

  • 7 SETS OF MOLDS: The hydraulic machine is equipped with 7 sets of crimping molds. The head can be replaced according to your job requirements. It is an ideal choice for batteries, welding cables, power cables, and power cables.

  • WIDE APPLICATION RANGE: The head of the hydraulic head can be freely rotated by 180°, which is conducive to small space operations. It can be used in most commercial and industrial scenarios, including communications, engineering, transportation, petroleum, chemical, and power industries.

Screenshot 2023-02-02 at 12.15.55.png

Having a good soldering iron onboard is a must. Slightly different to our kit which is now 10 years old this variable temperature soldering iron is easily adjusted to suit the material being soldered. 

It also contains everything you need to make long lasting solid joints. 


About this item

  • 【Blue LCD Display】With high-definition LCD screen display makes the 90W soldering iron easier to read the temperature. No need to find the right dial setting for each soldering job. Users can accurately adjust the solder iron temperature within 1-Degree increments from 180-480℃(356-896℉), effectively improve work efficiency.

  • 【Rapid Heating and Safe Welding】Through AD sampling, combined with PID calculation, the PWM output can be controlled, and the constant temperature control of the soldering iron core can be realized. Which is quick in temp rise within instability of voltage, it is also good for temperature compensation and accuracy temperature control.

  • 【Automatic Sleeping Mode】In the power-on state, electric soldering iron will automatically enter the sleep mode when it is not working within 15 minutes. The soldering iron gun will automatically decrease the temperature to prevent the soldering iron heating core from burning out due to high temperature.

  • 【Widely Application】Very Easy to Use. Great for hobbyists, beginners and professionals. For solder wires, repair electronics and circuit board, welding, jewelry, guitar, wiring, computers hardware, capacitors or accessories, crafts etc soldering job.

  • 【Portable packaging】All accessories carefully selected come in a fashionable carry bag, it's perfect for classroom electronic work, home&office&factory repair, circuit design, jewelry, woods, crafts, DIY, guitar and more. You can take it anywhere and you will be able to find the tools you need in the carry bag. Our soldering iron is made of only the most high-quality materials, and contains no toxic or polluting elements, and has been certified by agencies including the FCC, CE, and ROHS.

  • The iron will be delivered fitted with the appropriate mains plug for your country. 

Screenshot 2023-02-02 at 12.27.29.png

Well crimped cable ends are up to 10 times stronger than bare wires. The best way to buy the right Ferrule crimper is probably to buy as a kit like this one. Exactly the same as our kit onboard Impavidus. With a good range of bootlace ferrules in a kit that is handy and well stocked you will never twist and crush another cable end. Well worth the money.

About this item

  • A crimping tool + 1200 pcs insulated crimp connectors, perfect for electrical repairs and small DIY projects.

  • 【High Precision Ratchet】Automatically adjusts itself to the appropriate diameter for stripping terminals, the ratchet self-adjusting design improves accuracy and reliability during crimping to avoid wasted terminals.

  • 【Ergonomic Handle Design】Labour-saving ratchet device. The non-slip nylon handle with lever principle is designed for improve crimping effects.

  • 【Wide Range】For insulated and uninsulated sleeve terminals, wire ferrule & end sleeves 0.25-10mm², ferrule crimper AWG23-7 HSC8 6-4A.

  • 【Easy to Use】Crimping tool has a good weight and lies with good felt in hand put the pliers for engastar, put the cable with the manga closed and easy crimp.

Handy Packs / Electrical Supplies 

Screenshot 2023-02-02 at 12.44.01.png

From cables to rope ends, good quality heat shrink is a must have on any boat. It is important to have a high shrink ratio and good insulation properties. It is never just red and black you need which is why we have chosen a good kit that can be topped up as well as stored tidy with all the other electrical kit. 


About this item

  • High-Quality : Our heat shrink tube is made of high-quality thick EVA material, which can provide strong protection for your wires and cables. While offering the features of larger range of operation temperature (-55°C to + 125°C), VW-1 fire resistance, 600V voltage resistance, no leakage, water resistance to ensure it’s safe to use.

  • Full Protection: Our heat shrink tubing can work well with all types of heat dryer, lighter or hot air dryer, 1/2 shrinkage ratio, wraps on wires with all shapes closely and firmly. With advantages of not easy break or deform, long-lasting, durable and fast shrinking, it will be your good helper on electric works.

  • Widely Application: Heat shrink sleeving can support you on electrical insulation, wire bundling, colour coding, mechanical protection, wire/cable joints and daily repairs etc. It can effectively extend the serving life of wires and cables.

  • Package Included: 580 heat shrinking tubes with 6 colors and 11 sizes that fit for all types of wires and cables, all packed in a heat shrink kit plastic box for easy storage or carry.

  • Specification: 80pcs x 1.0 x 38mm (Black), 80pcs x 1.5 x 38mm (Yellow), 50pcs x 2.0 x 38mm (Blue/Black), 30pcs x 2.5 x 38mm (Black), 30pcs x 3.0 x 38mm (Green/Clear), 30pcs x 3.5 x 38mm (Black), 40pcs x 4.0 x 45mm (Black), 30pcs x 4.0 x 45mm (Red), 30pcs x 5.0 x 45mm (Black), 20pcs x 6.0 x 45mm (Yellow), 20pcs x 8.0 x 45mm (Red), 20pcs x 10.0 x 45mm (Blue/Black/Clear)

Screenshot 2023-02-02 at 13.06.42.png

Whats that cable for??????

Tracing cables can be a real pain. But, using cable id markers makes things so easy when you start to add systems and circuits to your boat. 

Simply slide the tags over the cable and add the code number to your wiring. diagram. 

Make your installations tidy and professional. 


About this product 

  • This digital tube wire cable markers are made of high quality plastic. Manufactured to strict quality control standards and built to last, you can use it with confidence.

  • This cable tags has 0-9 number markings, brightly colored, very conspicuous and easy to identify, allowing you to find the cable you need faster.

  • This product has a clip-on design that can be used to hold cables in place. You can operate it easily, saving time and effort.

  • This product has excellent performance, is light and portable, and can meet your work needs and improve work efficiency.

  • This product can be colour coded cables, it is small, does not take up space, and is easy to store.

Screenshot 2023-02-02 at 13.22.20.png

Just the job for marking up cables, boxes fuses, switches and much more.

This amazing little printer has featured in a few of our videos. We have been able to print labels for all our storage boxes, tool boxes, spares etc. Labelling oil filters with the date, food packs even freezer bags. It means everything has a place and is always easy to find. 


The tapes are sold everywhere in many colours. a real handy tool. 


About this product

  • PERFECT FOR THE HOME or BOAT: The ideal entry-level labelling machine, ideal for creating labels around your boat.

  • PERSONALISED LABELS: Multiple functions allow for fun, creative labelling in the kitchen, home office, garage, shed or living room and boat.

  • COMPACT & EASY TO USE: Compact and portable lightweight design and easy-to-hold, the PT-M95 is essential for use around the home and home office or boat.

  • QWERTY KEYBOARD: Easy-to-use, this label printer features a wide QWERTY keyboard, can print on 1 or 2 lines of text and can store up to 3 frequently used labels.

  • LABELLING TAPES: Brother M tape cassettes are available in 9mm and 12mm widths with several colours to suit many labelling applications around the home or boat!!!

Screenshot 2023-02-02 at 13.45.13.png

 A well made crimp is up to 10 times stronger than a clamped joint or soldered joint. Having the right crimps is key to your electrical equipments safety and performance.

Ring terminals or spade terminals come in many sizes and colours.  Having the right one on board is critical.  You will never be short with this handy dandy pack in a top up box.        

About this item

  • ✔ The cleanest and easiest way to link to wires is crimp connectors.This crimp connector set is not only the wire to wire connectors but those which you can bolt down (great for grounding wires in a car), ones you can attach to larger Gauge wires, and all of these are in 3 sizes.

  • ✔ EZLink premium quality wire terminal connectors are made with Copper core, tin plating and PVC insulator. USE ON: Ideal for garages, auto electricians, mechanics, workshops etc... Suitable for cars, vans, motorcycle, homes, boats  etc.

  • ✔ EZLink wire terminals set is a good robust assortment of crimp connectors, easy to crimp and that would make your job much easier when working with wire work. It offer long-term performance, easy installation, and a low installed cost.

  • ✔ EZLink wire terminals Kit providing strain relief and against vibration in rugged environments, which excellently insulates and protects electronic connections.

  • ✔ EZLink assorted case which contains the most popular wire terminal connectors.Includes 33 popular connector types and sizes of wire terminal connectors ranging in three different colours, which are Blue;Red;Yellow.

Screenshot 2023-02-02 at 14.43.18.png

Dielectric grease is applied to electrical terminals and connections. It prevents oxidisation of the connection and gives added resistance to moisture and the salt atmosphere. Based on silicone not petroleum this lubricant paste will protect plastics as well as metals without the damage caused by petroleum product greases and Vaseline. It is also safe to use on O rings and seals where oil based lubricants should not be used. 


About this item

  • 100% PURE SILICONE GREASE: Plastic and rubber safe. Excellent electrical insulator. Resistant to UV rays, oxygen and water repellent.

  • MULTIPURPOSE: Suitable for all O-rings, seals, gaskets, portafilters, EPDM, Nitrile etc. Widely used for Brake callipers, Gasket seal, Valve sealer, Brass instruments, O-rings, Record decks, Plumbing, Dive suits, SLR Cameras. Distributor caps, cam lube, heat sinks, CPU insulation, audio devices.

  • HIGHEST TECH STANDARDS: Operating temperature -50 °C to 200 °C. NLGI Class 2/3 Drop point 250°C

  • CLEAN AND SAFE: Non-toxic & no odour. No harmful chemical derivatives. Environmentally friendly.

  • REUSABLE ALUMINIUM PACKAGING: Now you will get our grease in recyclable aluminium packaging. No more plastic! Don't throw away when you've used up your grease! Use to store screws, nails, needles, and many other small items in your home and workshop.

  • CHOOSE YOUR SIZE: PROUNOL silicone grease is available in 100ml, 200ml and 500ml jars.

Anchoring and Mooring 

Laser Distance Finder

Screenshot 2023-02-02 at 14.58.58.png

Featured many times in a number of videos this rangefinder is the mutt's nuts! Not only effective up to 1000 yards it gives 6 times magnification too! Sleep soundly at anchor or on a mooring without worrying if you will turn into another boat or mooring. How far are we from the rocks? Has that distance changed?  This finder has so many uses. Keep it in the pedestal locker or clip it to you when anchoring. 


About this product 

  • Measuring range 1000yards can be measured either in meters or yards. Looking through the eyepiece, adjust the eyepiece knob clockwise/ counterclockwise to focus on the target(magnification 6X). Maintain high precision for each different distance: (1)≤100yds ±1yard(2)>100yds&≤500yds ±2yard(3)>500yds ±0.5%. The measuring speed is 20~300km/h, which can help you ensure that you will not miss your target when hunting.

  • 【7 Measurement Modes & Angle Switch】Golf Trajectory / Flagpole Locking (Scanning) / Point-to-Point / Height / Distance / Speed / Modes can be freely chosen so that it can be used for distance / angle / height / point-to-point / Suitable for speed / continuous measurements. If you are a golf lover, the two modes of Golf flagpole locking Mode and Golf Trajectory Mode will provide accurate data to better assist you in completing golf activities.

  • 【CR2 Battery & Easy to Use】The product itself carries a CR2 battery(3V, 800mAh battery).A CR2 battery can support the DLR1000 laser rangefinder button more than 20,000 times. If the battery runs out, you can buy a CR2 battery replacement in the market (high compatibility). Long battery life and high compatibility ensure long-term outdoor use.

  • 【Wide range of applications】DLR1000 range finder product is small in size 35 x 72 x 107mm(1.4 x 2.8 x 4.2 inch), and light in weight (0.3lb, 0.15kg). Because of its compact design and robust body, it is perfect for carrying while playing golf, hunting, mountaineering or other outdoor activities -Activities without adding weight. At the same time, the wrist strap and lock make it more convenient for you to use and store.

  • 【Professional Warranty and After-Sales Service】While providing professional and cost-effective products, DECTEAM also pays great attention to customers' shopping experience. Questions about the product, we will reply in a short time and keep the product 2 years free warranty or replacement. Products include: 1 x DECTEAM DLR1000 golf range finder, 1 x CR2 battery, 1 x case, 1 x wristband, 1 x lock, 1 x cleaning cloth, 1 x multilingual user manual.

WINCHMAX Two Channel Windlass Remote Control

Screenshot 2023-02-02 at 15.10.35.png

Once again we have got you a deal that will save you hundreds!!!

Most windlass remotes are hundreds of £ or $ some are thousands.  On Impavidus we did a video that shows you how to install this remote from Winchmax in just minutes.

You can then operate the windlass in or out remotely from the helm, the deck or even from the tender when tying back to the shore! 

Currently priced at just £42.95 or $45.90 this is a cracking deal to upgrade your anchoring  and avoid all that shouting and calling to the bow 😁

Works with 12 or 24 volt systems. 


About this product

  • 2 Channel Winch Remote Control, Wireless. Single HD Handset, Long Range. 12v/24v.

  • Dual voltage 12v or 24v

  • Extra-long operating range - over 60m (200ft).

  • 3A overload protection on outputs.

  • Compact receiver is just 60mm x 45mm x 22mm so will fit safely inside most solenoid enclosures.

Marine Binoculars +

Screenshot 2023-02-02 at 15.29.32.png

Tested to Ant's standards! 


Marine Binoculars 7X50 Compass Binoculars BAK4 Prism with Night Vision Rangefinder Compass Strap and Bag 100% IPX7 Waterproof


Amazing value, these things are just indestructible the features just go on and on. A crack price which is less now than we bought ours for!


About this item

  • Binoculars military: By specifying calculator dial on the left eyepiece, you can directly calculate the distance or size of objects. And illuminated compass for direction location when you are in dark environment. Nitrogen gas inside the waterproof binoculars for adults and O-ring sealed for waterproof protection to prevent dust-proof,fogging and moisture damage. So that it can under one meter depth, 100% waterproof and floating in water for 30 minutes.

  • 50mm BAK-4 prisms and 23mm eyepiece represents the higher refractive index rate, brighter edges of the field of view (396 feet at 1000 yards / 132 meters at 1000 meters), as well as circular shape of the exit pupil, which means more light will be transmitted to the entire field of view. And Fully Multi-Coated objective lead free glass and multiple layers of anti-reflective coatings ensures that the image you view will be as bright and sharp as possible, delivering 99.5% total light transmission.

  • Adult binoculars high quality with both oculars focusing systems. Two left and right diopter adjustment rings can focus sharp optics to meet the different requirements of vision based on your individual left and right eyesight. The eye cups can be folded down for use with glasses easily; Non-slip and ergonomic rubber design offer a secure grip and heavy-duty rubber armour provides great shock resistance.

  • Made of durable rubber armoured coating is comfortable to hold and rugged enough to stand up to any conditions. Eyepiece with eye cup avoid stray light which can provide you a ideal observe condition. Range finder binoculars with bag and strap, easy to carry. Rubber covers protect lenses and eyepieces. It is suitable for navigation, hunting, bird watching and other outdoor activities.

  • Marine binoculars with compass: Internal rangefinder and compass can be lighted when you are in low light condition. Large 50mm BAK4 objective lens, even in low light conditions(not totally dark), such as at dusk and dawn, it can also provide the maximum brightness of the image.

Other Marine Equipment We Have 

12V 5KW Air Diesel Heater Parking Heater (also available in 24V)

Screenshot 2023-02-03 at 14.55.24.png

The same truck kit that we have in 12volt 5 KW You will need extra outlets and a marine exhaust outlet as shown further down. The video that feature this heater in from early February 2023. Please watch the video.  

About this item

  • The diesel air heater can be used for truck, boat, car trailer, motorhomes, touring car, campervans, caravans and all kinds of other diesel vehicles. Diesel air heater is also suitable for indoor use, such as for home, warehouse, factory, office, etc. Tips: The smaller the space, the faster the warmth. If the space is large, it is recommended to buy a few more heaters to heat it.

  • Remote control can Preheating, oil quantity, temperature and wind speed can be adjusted, window's frost can be eliminated. Environmentally air diesel heater, low emissions, low fuel consumption. NOTE: The remote control needs to be set before it can be used. You can see the steps in the Product Description.

  • Compact structure, easy to move. When the vehicle is replaced, it can be disassembled to the new car. The LCD dynamic display will clearly show the running state of the machine. Fuel, electricity, temperature can be set arbitrarily.

  • Volatile technology, by the ceramic ignition plug will fuel heating evaporated into gas, fast ignition, full combustion.

  • Full kit includes everything needed for standard installation. Package Included: 1 x Diesel Air Heater, 1 x Set of Accessories (Shown as Picture), 1 x English Instructions. Professional installation is recommended. But not required .

Thru Hull Exhaust Skin 316 Steel,

Screenshot 2023-02-03 at 15.06.37.png

Marine exhaust outlet will be needed if you are fitting a diesel heater. The twin skin will need protection with one of these fitted to the aft transom and should include a 150mm swan neck in the line. See the video.

About this item

  • Compatible with Webasto, Planar, Eberspacher, Chinese Diesel parking heaters, suitable for use with exhaust hoses and through shell fittings.

  • 🚖 Protective effect: The through-shell fitting adopts the method of increasing the gap between the pipes, which plays a role of heat insulation and protects the shell and the car body.

  • 🚖 Heat and corrosion resistance: The surface polishing design of the straight-through hull pipe fittings is corrosion-resistant and salt-water resistant, and its thicker pipe wall has a good heat-resistant effect.

  • 🚖 High-quality material: Made of 316 stainless steel, suitable for 24mm inner diameter hose, very tough and corrosion-resistant, can be used for a long time.

  • 🚖 The package includes: 1x Diagonal through the hull; 3x Spacers; 3x Screws with nuts, very convenient for installation.

Infrared Laser Thermometer

Screenshot 2023-02-03 at 15.29.31.png

An absolute must for the boat!

Engine diagnosis, overheating electronics, water temp, cakes and bread . Yep just so useful. This has featured in a few videos. 

About this item

  • 🔥【High Accuracy】The infrared temperature measuring gun designed with the latest temperature sensor technology and the distance to spot ratio is 12: 1 can measure targets at a longer distance,which can reads value of high accuracy up to ±1.5%,Response time within 0.5 seconds.(For the best accuracy the thermometer should approximately be 14 in/ 36 cm away from the object). The temperature difference alarm value and the maximum and minimum setting functions can help you measure

  • 🔥【Adjustable Emissivity & Temperature Alarm】In order to improve the accuracy of the infrared thermometer gun, it's available adjusting the emissivity 0.1-1.0 according to the surface material being measured(preset emissivity was 0.95). The temperature difference alarm value and the maximum and minimum setting functions can help you measure in different situations

  • 🔥【Various Usage】This Infrared thermometer can be used both daily and industrial temperature measurement, measure surface temperature ranging from -58℉~1112℉ / -50℃~600℃, temperature unit changed through the ℃/℉ selection button.You can measure engine, electrical equipment, furnaces and others measurements.infrared thermometer gun as a Cooking Food thermometer, Meat thermometer, Oven , Oil thermometer, Automotive thermometer, and more

  • 🔥【More Functions】The high-brightness LCD Backlight screen allows you to read the values quickly even in dark, Data hold, 30 second auto-off it can save your battery even you forgot to turn off and low battery indication inform your to change battery in time. The thermometer not for human,Temperature readings from this devices are inanimate objects. The measured temperature for humans or animals will not be correct(Class 2 laser, optical power <0.1mW)

  • 🔥【Package & Service】1x Tilswall Digital Laser IR Infrared Thermometer; 2x Batteries; 1x English Manual. If you have any question, please feel free to contact us, our professional service team will work for you

Power Systems and Management 

Victron Energy  BMV-712 Smart  Battery Monitor

Screenshot 2023-02-03 at 15.42.06.png
Screenshot 2023-02-03 at 15.47.02.png

We are not sponsored by Victron.

But their gear is highly recommended by us. It does exactly what you want it to do and a fine example of this is the BMV 712 battery monitor system. This monitor has built in bluetooth, alarms, and can tell you exactly how much power is in your system at any time. It shows Volts, Amps, Watts, TTG, Consumed and so much more via the phone, tablet or computer app. It will also smart link to any other Victron equipment such as your solar regulators or battery chargers to run a fully integrated system of battery management for all types of battery. It also monitors your starter or other battery. 

This is a great value offer at a cracking price.


About this product.

  • Built-in Bluetooth

  • Midpoint Voltage Control

  • Low battery drainage

  • Bistable alarm relay

  • Easy to install


Victron SmartSolar MPPT 100/50 Solar Charge Controller

Screenshot 2023-02-03 at 16.01.42.png

We are not sponsored by Victron.

But, we have two of these solar regulators. With bluetooth they are networkable and have an amazing app that will work with phone, pc tablet or mac. They are available in smaller sizes, check Victron's web site for details on what size you need for your panels.  These have featured in a number of videos.  

About this product.

  • Built-in Bluetooth

  • Midpoint Voltage Control

  • Low battery drainage

  • Programmable alarm relay

  • Easy to install

  • Highly Efficient

  • Easy to Use

  • App control 

  • Auto record keeping 

  • Can be set to charge all battery types 

  • Series or parallel panels 


Victron Energy MultiPlus-II 3000VA

Screenshot 2023-02-16 at 18.41.26.png

Victron Energy MultiPlus-II Pure Sine Wave Inverter 120 amp Battery Charger

This pure sine wave inverter is also a charger. It will manage the dock power, charge the batteries and use power from your batteries to produce mains power for your boat. At anchor on the dock or even on the hard. Available in 230 volt and 120 volt and working from battery banks of 12 or 24 volt this amazing kit integrates with all your Victron equipment via bluetooth.  

Screenshot 2023-02-16 at 18.47.23.png

Victron Energy Interface Cable MK3 VE.Bus to USB for Configuration and firmware updates.

If you are fitting the MutiPlus this  device is a must to use the software and set your battery type. As feature in 2 of our videos.


  • The MK3-USB allows the following products to connect to a computer for configuration and firmware updates:

  • Multi, MultiGrid, MultiPlus, MultiPlus-II, Quattro, Inverter/Charger settings in ECOmulti, EasySolar, EasyPlus, and Inverters with a VE.Bus communication port.


Screenshot 2023-02-16 at 18.31.46.png
  • This is the famous Raspberry Pi we use to manage and report on our electrical system. Simple to build and install we take a good look at building the system and using the screen to see exactly whats going on while keeping real time records on our VRM 

  •  4 x USB Ports

  • Quad Core CPU, 1GB Ram

  • Built in 802.11 bgn Wireless LAN and Bluetooth 4.1

  • Upgraded switched Micro USB power source up to 2.5A

Raspberry Pi 2205755 Touch Screen Display Black,7-Inch
Screenshot 2023-02-16 at 18.35.58.png
Screenshot 2023-02-19 at 13.35.24.png

Use this 7 inch touch screen to view and control your system. It replaces the Cerbo GX and connects directly to all your Victron kit as well the internet, Bluetooth and the Victron VRM site. Control updates, voltages, and lots more via GUI mods. This features in 2 of our videos.

  • Raspberry Pi 7-Inch Touch Screen Display

  • Turn your Raspberry Pi into a touch screen tablet, infotainment system, or standalone device

  • 10 finger capacitive touch

  • A range of educational software and programs available on the Raspberry Pi will be touch enabled, making learning and programming easier on the Raspberry Pi.

Raspberry Pi LCD Touchscreen Case
Screenshot 2023-02-16 at 18.38.27.png

Use this 7 inch touch screen case to mount your Raspberry Pi and screen just as we have.

Kit that has been very handy while we live aboard.

Singer Heavy Duty 4423 Sewing Machine


An absolute cracker of a machine that has featured in many of our videos.

This heavy duty machine has sewn through 6 layers of Sunbrela before now. 

We have made Dodgers, Sun Shades, Winter side covers, Wheel covers, table covers, engine covers and much more, with this great machine.

About this item

  • SINGER HEAVY DUTY SEWING MACHINE: The 23 built-in stitches including basic, stretch, decorative, and buttonhole stitches allow you to sew a variety of projects, such as fashions, home décor, quilts, crafts, and more

  • AUTOMATIC NEEDLE THREADER SEWING MACHINE: After following the threading path printed right on the machine, this built-in feature helps you to effortlessly thread the eye of the needle without eye strain or frustration. Amps (0.7). Watts (84). Volts (120). Hz (60)

  • HIGH-SPEED SEWING MACHINE:The Singer 4423 Sewing Machine has a maximum sewing speed of 1, 100 stitches-per-minute, so projects can be sewn quickly. The 60% Stronger Motor provides greater piercing power for thick seams

  • HEAVY DUTY METAL FRAME: The Singer 4423 heavy duty sewing machine is a true workhorse. With a heavy-duty metal interior frame, stainless steel bedframe, extra-high sewing speed and powerful motor, this sewing machine can sew through a variety of heavy weight fabrics and provides long lasting stability

  • SEWING MACHINE ACCESSORIES: A variety of accessories are included with All-purpose foot, zipper foot, buttonhole foot, button sewing foot, seam ripper/lint brush, quilting guide, needles, bobbins, screwdriver, auxiliary spool pin, spool pin felt are all conveniently located and stored in the accessory tray. A soft-sided dust cover is also included in the packaging

  • WARRANTY: SINGER 4423 Heavy Duty Portable Sewing Machine has 25 Year Limited Warranty. 

Low Shank Walking Foot




A great addition to a machine. The walking foot allows you to sew through tough materials like clear plastic, canvas etc. 

Portable Air Compressor 145 Psi/ 10 Bar by Stanley

Stanley Oil free compressor that featured in our very successful HOOKER video. This machine is just so handy. Not only can you use it to build a Hooker SABS but, it will inflate tenders, water toys, SUPS and even blow dust from your fridge or freezer matrix! 100 and 1 uses aboard at a low price! ​


About this item

  • Portable air compressor

  • Top brand

  • Max pressure 145 Psi/ 10 bar

  • 180 L/ min

  • Equipped with a shoulder strap for easy carrying

Bartoline Teak Oil 2 Litre

An absolute cracking product and a great deal too! Teak renovation is something that needs to be done correctly. We have used a number of products and this one is the best so far. Both Renovatio and Impavidus have had their teak treated with Bartoline.


About this item

  • Bartoline Teak Oil is a wood sealer especially suitable for use on teak.

  • Bartoline Teak Oil protects the wood from drying out after long periods in the sun

  • Gives wood a natural sheen that lasts.

  • 2 Litre 

Karcher  K2 & K4 Universal Pressure Washers

Screenshot 2023-02-19 at 14.49.20.png

The K2 is the basic smaller pressure washer. It has the K2 pump which is powerful and long lasting but, it folds away into a lazerete and stows in a very small space. It has two work nozels that will bring your deck and hull up a treat The patio cleaning head works well on dirty GRP decks, while the rotating head lance will make short work of the hulls fouling next time you are hauled out. We have The K2 but would recommend either as they are robust and long lasting with well engineered parts. 

The K4 is its bigger brother with a water cooled pump and a 100% duty cycle for bigger boats. This is the model that can be used as a Water Maker Pump.  

Use either or both links to get a great deal! 

Books Guides and Logbooks 

Screenshot 2023-03-26 at 11.18.54.png

The primary reason for maintaining a ship's log is for navigation and safe passage. The log is a legal document that is used to record fixes, courses steered, weather forecasts, wind speed and direction, periodic readings of the ship's heading and speed and it's barometer. The logbook makes good reading after a passage too. It is fun to fill in and adds something to every passage.

Here are some of he logbooks we have used and recommend.  

Screenshot 2023-10-08 at 16.17.46.png

These are not the cheapest 316 stainless springs on the market.

But, they are robust and available in both 11mm and 9mm. They are rugged and have a long life. looped ends make them less prone to damage, over stretching and pulling apart.  We rcommend these.  

Screenshot 2023-10-08 at 16.43.25.png

Available By The Metre - Mooring & Anchoring Rope - Each QTY Purchased Equals 1 Metre Continuous Length.


About this item






Screenshot 2023-10-08 at 16.49.20.png

About this item

  • For secure and cushioned mooring, ideal for both motor and sailing boats.

  • The forces the line is exposed to, are taken up by the elongation of the mooring snubber.

  • Reduces the shock load on the line as well as the boat's hardware.

  • Craft length up to 40 ft. (12,2m).

  • Accepts line sizes 9/16" - 3/4" (14,3mm - 19,1mm).

FamilyMall High Accuracy Digital Temperature Controller Temp Alarm Thermostat DC 12V 20A LCD for Cooling Heating Meter

Screenshot 2024-01-03 at 17.19.23.png
Screenshot 2024-04-28 at 09.52.24.png

About this item

  • High quality firm polyurethane foam

  • For compounding 2-pack paint systems

  • Ideal for automotive and marine applications

  • Compatible with M14 x 2 male connection sander polishers and grinders

  • Max 4600rpm

Screenshot 2024-04-28 at 09.53.01.png
Screenshot 2024-04-28 at 09.53.39.png

Soldering iron tips you make yourself!

Screenshot 2024-04-28 at 10.05.20.png

About this item

  • Cleans and protects

  • Removes chalk and oxidation

  • Fiberglass, metal and painted surfaces

Screenshot 2024-04-28 at 10.23.07.png
  • Cleans and protects in one step.

  • Ideal for GRP, Niro, aluminium and painted surfaces.

  • Biodegradable

  • Leaves a protected surface (wax coating) with a glossy look.

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